Sign up for our new Chess Power course!

We’re excited to launch our new Chess course, in partnership with our friends at Chess Power! We partner with Chess power throughout the school year, teaching a class of 6-12 students once a week for an hour or one and a half hours.


Why learn Chess? There are so many reasons it’s one of our favourite activities, including its ability to develop memory, concentration, and logical thinking – as well as the fact that it’s a lot of fun! You can read more about its benefits here.


Our proprietary approach to teaching Chess concepts takes a three-stage approach. First, we introduce the concept by sharing an interesting and relatable story to apply it to a real-life context. Then, students pair up to practise the concept they’ve just learnt. Finally, once they’ve grown comfortable with the new concept, they participate in a tournament game where they’re encouraged to use all the techniques they’ve learnt to date.


You can sign up for our course at any time, but we recommend joining at the beginning of our term to take advantage of the progressive structure of the curriculum. In our experience, we’ve found that dedicated kids can prepare themselves to take part in competitions such as our Cluster tournaments and the Sarapu Cup within just a single term.


We can’t wait to help you develop your Chess skills – sign up for our courses today!

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