What makes EduExperts different?

At EduExperts, we’re proud to be leaders within the education space. Our track record of supporting students through all stages of primary and secondary school is amongst the top in the game, and we’re in the business of continually improving what we do to offer more and better support to all who come through our programmes.

What makes us different? Our unique combination of six key ingredients.... 

Unique lesson plans

Our lesson plans are designed by active schoolteachers, to ensure that they are in line with New Zealand and international curriculum standards at every level. 

Teaching excellence 

Our teachers are highly qualified, with experience teaching at top local schools, and have been hand-picked for their communication skills, subject knowledge, and their reputation for driving success in their students. 

Small class sizes 

The research is clear: students learn better in smaller classes. The limited number of students in each of our group lessons means students get much more 1-to-1 attention than they would in a typical class at school. 

Term test and report 

We know how important it is that you, as parents, stay informed and up to date with your child’s progress. All EduExperts students receive an end-of-term report and are regularly tested, to demonstrate how quickly their abilities are improving. 

Admission support 

Through the power of the Crimson Education network, we have access to thousands of expert consultants to assist with University admission, when the time comes. Free assessment Each of our EduExperts centres offers a free, no-obligation assessment to highlight each student’s strengths and weaknesses, providing a tailored view of how to focus efforts on improvement.


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