EduExperts’ Junior Mathematics Competition is back!

Our Junior Mathematics Competition is back by popular demand! We’re holding the first round of this competition via Zoom on Sunday 16th May this year.


The competition is open to all current EduExperts students, who are between Years 4-8 at school. Registrations close on 11th May, so make sure you don’t miss out – get in touch with your local centre to register today!


If you’re keen to enter, please make sure you install Zoom and familiarise yourself with Kahoot before the competition:





Please also take a moment to read the competition rules:

In the first round there will be one competition for each year level. Each competition consists of 30 questions and lasts for 25-30 minutes. 

 Before the Competition 

❖ Students enrol via any EduExperts branch. 

❖ Branches should inform each student who enrols in the competition about the competition date, time and rules in advance. 

❖ Students should download Zoom and Kahoot app before the competition day and make sure they are working well. 

 During the Competition 

❖ Students should log in with ‘branch name + Y? + student’s name’. 

❖ Students should turn on their cameras. 

❖ Students will be muted and if someone has any questions, they should type it to the host or raise their hand. 

❖ Students are not allowed to talk to their parents, friends, or anyone else. 

❖ Limited time for each question. 

❖ Speed and accuracy both determine the score. 

❖ The score of each student will be calculated automatically by Kahoot. 

After the Competition 

❖ The result will be announced after the competition finishes. 

❖ All the participants will receive certificates. 

❖ The top 30 from each level will be able to join the finals which will be held at the end of this year. 


❖ Please do not turn up on the day without registration. 

❖ There is no restriction on the number of spectators. Family and friends are all welcome to watch. (Zoom ID will be delivered soon) 

❖ It is recommended that players join Zoom earlier than their game time to warm up. 

❖ Have scratch paper and a pen on hand. 

❖ Be honest: no calculator, no dictionary, no help from others. 


We can’t wait to see you on the 16th!

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