The first annual EduExperts Prize-giving

The first annual EduExperts Prize-giving, held last Sunday at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, was a resounding success.🥳

Over one hundred parents and children came to support and participate. As a result, the atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation as everyone was treated to a variety of performances from our talented students.

These were followed by two thought-provoking debates on contemporary topics. Junior and senior students from a range of centres took part to demonstrate the skills they have learnt from their Speech and Debating lessons with EduExperts.

The Mathex competition was next. This involved nine teams made up of thirty-six students who raced against each other in a hotly contested race.

Afterwards, guests were treated to an inspiring speech from Thomas Ren, one of our students from EduExperts Hamilton. He made a powerful impression by sharing his inspiring journey learning English with us.

Finally, the prize-giving section of the day commenced. All centres nominated outstanding students who were awarded a trophy and a Kindle each. The students who won the debate and Mathex competitions were awarded with a $100 PB Technologies voucher and all participating students received a smart keyring.

Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to the success of EduExperts prize-giving day. We hope to see you all again next year!👏👏


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