Introducing our new EduExperts Membership Programme!

EduExperts is very pleased to announce our new EduExperts membership programme, designed to bring you a much wider range of classes at a lower cost.

Our membership programme is open to all students at participating centres, and is only $199 for a full year’s membership. By signing up, you will be able to take additional classes (from the third subject onwards) at a price of only $10 each. This price extends to as many classes as you wish to add on, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to accelerate your learning across multiple subjects.

We will be continually adding new benefits to our membership programme throughout this year, so sign up now to take full advantage of this fantastic offer!


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no subject name date hit
16 Two worlds collide: The NZ and Chinese education systems New eduexperts 02-26 34
15 Introducing our new EduExperts Membership Programme! Hot eduexperts 02-03 180
14 New Centre Open! - Henderson / New Lynn eduexperts 11-11 507
13 The first annual EduExperts Prize-giving eduexperts 11-11 468
12 Congratulations! YCT Test Results! eduexperts 09-26 525
11 New Centre Open! - Stonefields / St Lukes eduexperts 09-02 561
10 Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour - International Tour eduexperts 08-30 511
9 Young Innovators Delegation - International Tour eduexperts 08-30 449
8 Harvard & Yale Model UN Delegation - International Tour eduexperts 08-30 337
7 Global leaders delegation - International Tour eduexperts 08-30 355
6 NEW Silverdale Centre!! eduexperts 06-27 685
5 EduExperts Speech and Debating course eduexperts 05-23 721
4 Speech Communication Arts (SCA) course and assessment eduexperts 05-23 717
3 Congratulations to Justin Moon! eduexperts 05-23 723
2 Congratulations! HSK Test Results! eduexperts 05-21 659
1 NEW Hobsonville Centre!! eduexperts 03-29 778
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