Welcome to the new decade!

A lot happens in ten years. You’ll meet plenty of new friends, travel to new places, and learn so many new things. 


2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, and the EduExperts team has spent nearly a year preparing for this exciting milestone. We’ve given our learning system a comprehensive upgrade; we’ve improved our courses, teaching materials, and syllabi; and we’ve overhauled our student feedback processes. The entire team has been dedicated to the cause, because we’re so passionate about delivering YOU excellent educational services.


So what have we been busy with?


1.    Richer curriculum


First of all, we’ve developed an entirely new English Reading Course for students from Year 0 to 10, including a Storytelling component for students from Year 0 to 2. With a focus on studying the language, structure, content, and writing methods of a variety of texts, our courses help students to master reading methods and skills – and they’ll accumulate general knowledge on interesting topics while they’re at it.


We’ve also set up a Maths Homework Support class to help students consolidate key mathematical skills, and achieve the goal of “learning and mastering” the subject. We know Maths is a tricky subject to learn at the best of times, but our personalised instruction and effective guidance is here to help any students who encounter difficulties.


Lastly, our lecture and debate classes have been restructured to meet the diverse needs of our students, and will now operate separately. Our lecture class will closely follow Trinity’s speech and communication standards to provide students with grading and diploma opportunities. Our debate class, on the other hand, will be suitable for students who have achieved Trinity Grade 6 or above, and who have a good grasp of the English language and general knowledge. These students will be trained to participate in external debate competitions on behalf of EduExperts.



2.    More specialised courses


This year, EduExperts is teaming up with well-known robotics brand BestCoder to launch a host of Computer Science courses, covering topics including robotics, programming languages, web development, and video production.


In the robotics classroom, for example, students will learn how to design and make robots to solve problems and accomplish tasks. The class will be grounded in concepts drawn from computer science and engineering, giving students transferable (and highly sought-after) skills, as well as an innate understanding of modern technology.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 MakeX and VEX robotics competitions, building and adapting their own robot systems in the process. Those who demonstrate a strong passion for the field will also be supported to apply to compete in the International Olympiad in Informatics, the foremost high school programming competition in the world. This elite competition introduces students to C++ programming, algorithm development, and higher-level computer science concepts, and provides an unrivalled opportunity to students wanting to develop their skills in the field.


Elsewhere, in our languages department, we have partnered with various language test certification centres to enhance our class experience. We’re proud to introduce examination preparation courses for tests in Chinese (HSK, YCT); Spanish (DELE); French (DELF); Korean (TOPIK); and Japanese (JLPT). By pushing students to sit these standardised tests, we provide motivation and a sense of achievement for our language students.


3.    Textbook upgrades


One of our key sources of value for students, when compared to other New Zealand tutoring schools, is our comprehensive, proprietary suite of textbooks. We invest a great deal of time into ensuring we continually update and improve our textbooks, and this year has been no exception.


We’re proud to launch our new range of textbooks across all of our core subjects. These adhere to the Ministry of Education guidelines for each subject syllabus, while simultaneously pushing students to achieve at a level beyond that of their peers. This is achieved through encouraging critical thinking in each subject, and at every level, in order to embed students with key skills that will allow them to succeed in the 21st century.


Some other key features of the new textbook include:


-       Highlighting key points in each section to illustrate learning progress

-       Increasing the frequency of learning application exercises

-       Breaking the boundaries of text with media platforms

-       Combining theory and practical experiment work to make Science class more interesting and engaging

-       Professional typographic printing, with clear and easy-to-understand layout

-       Exclusive copyright protection for proprietary materials


4.    Upgraded teaching plans


Our greatest asset is the collective knowledge and experience of our hundreds of professional teachers. Many of them not only have extensive teaching experience, but also expertise in the field of teaching research and development.


We support these wonderful teachers with unique teaching plans, based on our learning philosophy. These teaching plans have undergone a comprehensive upgrade for 2020, giving teachers guidance in all areas. They range from the ways in which content knowledge can be most effectively passed on to students, to suggestions for specific methods, techniques, and tools to use.


In some of our senior curriculum teaching plans, we go a step further, suggesting topics such as in-depth methods to help guide students, the difficulty of exercises to be assigned, as well as the goals that can be achieved at every stage by students of different levels of ability within the class.


5.    Membership benefits launched (Excluding Browns Bay, Henderson centre)


As an industry leader, EduExperts firmly believes that enterprises hold social responsibilities, and the team has been working hard to uphold these obligations.


At the beginning of 2020, we introduced our new membership system. Students who sign up for EduExperts membership can enjoy an excellent price of only $10 per course, starting from the third subject taken. We hope that this amazing offer will greatly benefit students who want to enhance their education, improve their overall extracurricular profile, and ultimately give back to their community and to society. 

(*Terms and Conditions apply)


6.    Event hosting


After successfully hosting our first Prize-giving Day last year, we’ve collected your feedback and suggestions, and as a result will be hosting more large-scale events this year. These will provide our students with more opportunities to participate in the community, and to display their achievements and progress.


Our events will include competitions in various disciplines, awards ceremonies, and plenty more. Stay tuned for announcements throughout the year – we’re excited to share this journey with you!

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