Franchise Opportunities

The demand for quality after school tutoring is extremely high with an increasing number of students and parents seeking extra support to supplement their learning at school. You can capitalise on this demand through owning your very own EduExperts centre.

After school tutoring at EduExperts is a fantastic business opportunity for people from all backgrounds. You could own a profitable tutoring centre for an affordable initial investment. Along with the satisfaction of helping students achieve their academic potential and watching your student roll increase, you will also enjoy amazingly steady profits.

At EduExperts, we possess market-leading teaching resources and methodologies that make learning incredibly easy and effective for students. Students absolutely love learning with EduExperts. We invite you to come on board for the fun!

The EduExperts HQ, which operates under the global education consultancy Crimson Education, provides hands-on support and training to franchisees for the following:

  1. Help you select your territory and the right venue. It is in EduExperts’ best interests to offer franchisees a territory that can demographically support an EduExperts centre. Depending on your preference, we will offer the territory that offers the most potential for success.
  2. Support with your initial centre set up, including advice on fit-out and design. We will help you find a building that is best suited for an Edu-Experts centre and provide advice about signage and interior / exterior design, which have played a significant part in the success of the EduExperts centres to date.
  3. Our intensive training programme covers all aspects of starting up and sustaining a successful EduExperts centre. You will receive two weeks of comprehensive training to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with the day to day operations of an excellent centre. Ongoing training is also provided to ensure that the quality is maintained.
  4. Supply of carefully researched teaching resources that have been put together by the resource management team at EduExperts HQ.
  5. Assistance with hiring tutors from your local network of schools.
  6. Implementation of marketing plans to increase your student roll. EduExperts receives marketing support from Crimson Education who provide comprehensive support with targeted marketing plans for all student demographics. We will also provide you with advice regarding local area marketing plans, such as identifying promising local advertising opportunities. The Edu-Experts HQ marketing team will ensure that all our centres also receive maximum exposure to the media through online platforms such as Facebook, WeChat and Kakaotalk.

The HQ team will be right by your side at every stage of your business. With this support, you will never feel alone. If you are interested in securing an EduExperts centre in your local community

please get in touch with HQ +64 9 520 1800, or hq@eduexperts.co.nz.

For more information, please download our brochure below:

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