A new age of STEM learning
  1. Makeblock: Robotics & STEM

    Hands on courses designing robots in practical STEM learning. Students have the opportunity to compete in nation wide competitions.

    Minecraft Education: Computer Science

    Engage students in their favorite game Minecraft to learn programming! Minecraft Education edition uses block coding to change the game, teaching coding a fun interactive way.

    Python: Computer Programming

    Using the python programming language to learn fundamental skills and computer science concepts.

    Web Development: Coding for The Internet

    Introduce your children to HTML, JavaScript and CSS, creating intuitive and creative websites from scratch!

    Robotic Classes:

    Hands on courses for kids to learn how to design, problem solve and build robots to complete tasks. Courses will be run around building and completing the 2020 MakeX Starter and Challenge competitions, with kids having the opportunity to compete in these competitions. These courses will teach kids concepts that run along those of computer science and Engineering 

    Introductory Programming:

    This course will teach kids the basics of computer programming using python language. They will learn key computer science concepts that they will be able to use for other more complicated courses in the future. Basic programming skills are very useful now in an ever more digital world and kids will most likely find themselves using these skills in the future. 

    Web Development 1:

    This course is an intro into how use HTML, JavaScript (JS) and CSS to create websites. We will be teaching kids how to create websites from scratch without using a template, this will require kids to understand and learn how all parts work and fit together, increasing their knowledge. This will build kids a base to continue into creating more complicated websites or mobile app development, as well as backend server development or frontend design. 

    Minecraft Education:

    This course will use all kids favorite game Minecraft, but instead of kill ender dragons they will be learning programming! Minecraft Education edition lets kids use block coding to change their game, we will use this to teach kids block coding in a fun interactive way. 

    Junior Programming: 

    Interactive project-based learning for younger kids to have a fun intro to robotic and programming. Kids will spend 2-3 weeks creating a project, each with the goal of teaching kids a new skill related to robotics and /or programming in scratch.

    IOI Competitions:  

    International Olympiad in Informatics is a competition that requires kids to use a programming language to solve complicated problems, kids will learn C++ to solve these problems with. This course requires strong math’s programming and problem-solving abilities, kids will learn knowledge that will be very help in higher levels of math’s, computer science and problem solving in engineering. 

Curriculum Content
  1. Beginner (5-8) 
    Junior computer programming 
    Robotics intro

    Intermediate (8-10) 
    Robotics intro (Powered by MakeX)
    Intro to programming (python) 
    Web Development 1 (HTML, JS, CSS)
    Minecraft Education 

    Advanced (10+) 
    Programming (python) 
    Web Development 1 (HTML, JS, CSS) 
    IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics)
    Robotics Advanced (Powered by MakeX) 

  1. The junior computer programming curriculum is an introductory course for young or new students to experience and become confident using a computer to create media and computer programs. Students experience using all aspects of a computer system throughout the course to build the fundamentals to create a range of digital content. 

    An introduction to the basics of web development and design. This helps to equip students in any branch of IT related pathways. The fundamentals of understanding layout, designing, programming and testing will be developed during this course. 

    An introduction to the basics of robotics using mBots. This course is aimed at young children to develop an interest into STEM subjects and build fundamentals of robotics to develop their hands on and thinking skills. Students will be introduced to essential drawing skills, computer aided design (CAD), robotics fundamentals, block coding, and basics to sensors and actuators. Students understanding and application of this knowledge will be used to create a robot that can perform various automatic and manual tasks. 

Learning outcomes
  1. Handle and process digital information
    Develop logical problem-solving skills
    Understand the significance of computer science

    Understand process flow within a program
    Problem solving and Logical thinking

    To develop an understanding of how software can be used to control a robot 
    Understand and apply the knowledge on sensors and actuators to solve challenges 
    Understand and apply the knowledge on various robotic mechanisms to complete complex tasks 
    To design, build and test a robot to complete various automatic and manual tasks 
    To develop teamwork skills for interactions between other students 

What we do
  1. We equip youth of age 5-15 with solid technical and social skills that will empower them to excel and innovate in the fields of programming, robotics and technology. 
    We help kids and teens innovate through creative programming. We help your kids Master Programming Skills & Excel in Robotics. If you want to change the world and be successful, Computer programming will get you there especially,Your children will build an outstanding future here. We have customized programs that suit all age groups. Our curriculum consists of a tailored cognitive and academic development program.  Your child can enroll anytime throughout the year into our flexible academic program.  Learn to code games, build mobile and website APPs, program robots and a lot more!  

    Designed for 5-15 years old children programming class, professional teachers team to teach, learn and try autonomous programming, stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, no longer indulge in games, let children’s after-school life more cool and rich! 

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