Speech Communication Arts (SCA) course and assessment

Trinity College London is an international exam board, specialising in the assessment of communicative and performance skills. Over 850,000 candidates take part in assessments worldwide every year.

The Speech Communication Arts course is designed to encourage the development of spoken and written English for learners aged between 5 and 14 years old.

Students perform a range of texts, share ideas and exchange views.

The exams provide our teachers with a structure that builds students’ confidence and systematically develops the skills they need for achievement in their social and professional lives, while simultaneously developing their imagination and expressive abilities.

The skills developed through preparing for these assessments are:

Interpersonal skills – relating to others appropriately with ease, confidence and awareness

Expressive speaking – interpreting a range of texts and communicating them imaginatively in performance

Practical speaking – sharing information imaginatively with an audience

Reflective skills – exploring, recording and reflecting upon the context of practical work in written English

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