HSPT classes now open for enrolment!

If you’re a Year 8 student, chances are your upcoming high school entrance test will be on your mind going into this year. This is an important educational milestone and you’ll naturally want to do as well as you can, to start high school off on the right foot.


That’s why we’re excited to announce that our High School Preparation Test (HSPT) classes are open for enrolment at EduExperts centres.


To introduce these classes to you, we are holding two free HSPT seminars at our Albany and Stonefields centres, both on the 13th February at 11am and 10am. These seminars will cover the following questions regarding the tests:


·      What is the High School Preparation Test?

·      What is the format of the test, and what content will it cover?

·      When is the test?

·      How is the entrance test different from normal tests?

·      Why is HSPT needed?


*Albany centre seminar attendees will also hear from student who have experience sitting the 2020 test, who will be sharing their tips and tricks for doing well.

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Our HSPT preparation classes cover five subjects, including English, vocabulary, writing, Mathematics, and GA. These classes are specifically designed to prepare you for extension class examinations at top high schools, and our experienced teachers have access to the latest learning materials in order to develop effective strategies for acing these tests.


If you’re a Year 8 student who wants to get involved with our HSPT classes, please feel free to get in touch with your local centre to enrol today:

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