It is crucial that all students master the basic foundations of each subject at an early age. To ensure that all our students make a smooth transition into various high school curricula, we provide tutoring for mathematics, English, and science for all students in Year 1-13. Our school tutoring materials have been designed carefully to ensure that their progress is in line with national standards.

EduExperts prepares students for NCEA, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB), taught by highly qualified teachers. Also, we can help those who wish to study overseas and are sitting examinations, such as TOEFL, MedView, SAT, ACT and The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

English / Maths / Science

Since EduExperts was established in 2011, we have adhered to a high level of teaching combined with research and development. We continually cooperate with educational organizations, schools and publishing houses throughout New Zealand and overseas, in order to provide our Year 1 to Year 13 students with first-class learning resources and experiences.

Based on “inspire creativity, maximise potential”, EduExperts designs practical content into English, mathematics and science courses. At the same time, we expand and extend our content according to the New Zealand national syllabus, so that students can not only have fun in the class, but tap into their own potential through learning.

There are many articles with different themes in English textbooks. Through intensive reading training and writing exercises, students will continuously improve their language skills. A large number of questions are used in Mathematics classes, especially through “problem solving”, students enhance their logical understanding and reasoning. Scenario teaching and subject inquiry are applied in the science classes, which leads the students to study in an exploratory way with high interest.

Computer Science

The computer science courses offer a broad understanding of computer science and programming. Students will learn how to think algorithmically and solve programming problems efficiently. We also cover web development, graphic design, animation study, robot programming, video editing, and 3D modeling, which will elevate students’ IT skills to a new level and prepare them for this digital age.

High School
Preparation Test(HSPT)

At the end of each year, all Year 8 intermediate students will sit for a common entrance exam provided by high schools. This is in order to rank incoming students by their ability.

The entrance examination is normally made up of mathematics, English and reasoning/science tests. You can succeed on the HSPT by preparing a good strategy and learning how to effectively handle any questions you might face on test day.


The PME English course is a language lesson for students who are learning English as a foreign language. The course includes reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, listening and speaking to help learners enter mainstream English classes as early as possible.

Students will be assigned to one of the following levels according to their entry test results; ESOL, Junior, Intermediate or Senior.


EduExperts provides two types of Chinese classes. One focuses on preparing students to pass the HSK/YCT. The other is to improve reading and writing skills.

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) and YCT (Youth Chinese Test) are international standardised exams that test and rate Chinese language proficiency. They assess senior and junior Chinese leaders’ abilities to use Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

For native Chinese students who want to have a better understanding of Chinese culture, small-group classes are provided. Students can improve their Chinese competency and enhance ethnic identity through expanding their vocabulary, reading for pleasure, writing creatively and immersing themselves in Chinese traditional culture.

Speech & Debating

Our Speech and Debating course is intended to expose students to the fundamentals of speech and debate. By the end of the course, students should be able to deliver both an emotive and an argumentative speech of around 5 minutes for prepared speeches, and 3 minutes for impromptu speeches.

In this course students will build critical thinking, communication and research skills. For the duration of this course, students are expected to do external research on topics of their own choice, and to keep up to date with current events. This will especially be important for the debating section course.

Students will also have the opportunity to take the Trinity College London examination for Speech Communication Arts (SCA) as our course has been designed with its curriculum in mind.


All students who wish to study in the US need to take the SAT reasoning test or the ACT. It is crucial that students perform well in these exams in order to have a competitive chance of being accepted to the best universities in the US. To assist students that wish to apply to the US, EduExperts provides tutoring for both the SAT and the ACT, taught by experienced tutors at Crimson Education.


MedView offers preparatory/revision workshops and one-on-one tutoring for the University of Auckland’s core papers (i.e. Semester 1: BIOSCI107, CHEM110, POPLHLTH111, Semester 2: MEDSCI142). Workshops help students retain and consolidate their knowledge of course content, while also allowing them to focus their learning on important and examinable areas. One-on-one tutoring allows for personalised learning, and is useful for clarifying specific concepts and improving on areas/topics of weakness.

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