English & Maths competitions, Annual Prize-giving

We’ve got a busy month ahead! The final rounds of our Maths and English competitions are taking place later this month, as is our annual Prizegiving day.

Maths and English Competitions

We’ve run our Intermediate English & Maths competitions this year as usual, with some stellar performances in the first round from our Year 4-8 students! 30 participants from each competition have been selected to take part in the final rounds, which we’ll be holding this month via Zoom.

The final of the Maths competition will take place on Sunday 14th November, while the final round of the English competition will take place on Sunday 21st November. All finalists will receive a Zoom link and password to join the competition from your centre.

Annual Prize-giving

Our Annual Prize-giving day will also take place this month, on Sunday 28th November. We’ll be announcing the winners of several prizes, including each centre’s Student of the Year as well as Branch of the Year.

First, second, and third place prizes for each of the English and Maths competitions will also be announced at this Prize-giving, so it’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss.

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