2020 Term 1 starts on 10th February

Dear Parents, 

Happy New Year.
I hope you have had a fantastic summer holiday.

As I’m sure you have seen in the media, the situation is rapidly evolving regarding the coronavirus.

The health of our students and teachers is a priority. Therefore, EduExperts has decided to postpone the start date of Term 1 by one week. Classes will now begin from Monday 10th February.

All our centres will be taking precautions. They will be cleaning classes thoroughly with disinfectant every day. They will also provide hand sanitiser, disinfectant, sanitised handwashing facilities and thermometers.

If your children or any member of your household has recently visited any of the countries (China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, South Korea, France, Vietnam, Canada, Nepal, Germany, Sri Lanka) and/or has been in close contact with someone confirmed with the virus, we encourage you to contact your centre manager and delay their return to class for two weeks.

We are also informing all our teachers who have recently travelled to any of the countries listed or have any symptoms to stay home for two weeks.

Teachers have been asked to let their centre managers know if they have a student in their class who is showing symptoms.

As the term material and lesson plans are designed to cover ten weeks, the final week will take place in the first week of the school holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact your centre manager.

We appreciate your understanding and support.
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