Mathematics Competition 2020 - Round 1

Off the back of the success of our first EduExperts Maths Competition held in 2019, we’re excited to announce we will be holding a second instalment of this competition next month!

The competition is open to all Year 4 to Year 8 EduExperts students, and will test both speed and accuracy in mathematical problem-solving. Round 1 will be held via Zoom link on the 7th of June, with a separate session for each year level. The sessions will be half an hour long, and will involve a set of 30 questions. 

All participants will receive certificates, and the top 30 students in each year level will be invited to the final round of the competition, which will be held at the end of this year.

Get in touch with your local EduExperts branch to enrol! (Must register by 3rd June)

Please also make sure you download both Zoom and Kahoot before the competition day, and test them to ensure they are working well.

The following rules will apply to the competition:

-  Students should log in to the session using the following details: ‘Branch name + Year level + Student’s name’

 No cheating! Students are not allowed to use calculators, or talk to anyone else during the competition.

 Students must have their cameras on for the entire duration of the competition, to monitor compliance with the above.

 Each student’s score will be automatically calculated by Kahoot.

 Students will be muted and if someone has any questions, they should type it to the host or raise their hand.

Please also note the following:

 Both speed and accuracy will determine your final score! 

 There is a limited time for each question.

 Please ensure you register before the competition.

 Please ensure you turn up at least a few minutes before your competition is due to start, to ensure your connection is working well.

 We recommend you have a pen and paper handy.

 Family and friends are welcome to spectate! (Zoom ID: 816-2900-4580).

 The result will be announced right away after the competition finishes.

We are looking forward to your participation! 


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