COVID-19 update

Dear students and parents,


As you may be aware, last week EduExperts centres began taking all necessary measures to ensure the quality of our services during the recent development regarding COVID-19. These measures take into account both on-site and online classes and are as follows:


On-site classes:

1. We sanitise our campuses every day, including chairs, desks, doorknobs, taps, handrails etc.

2. We provide hand sanitiser and soap to our students and teachers. 

3. We monitor the body temperature of everybody on-site at EduExperts centres. 

4. We allow students attending classes to wear face masks.  

5. We maintain open communication with parents via a range of channels as well as keeping up to date with all official news and policies from local and national authorities. 


Online classes:

1. We are providing online classes from centres for any subject on demand and we are working hard to extend online classes to all our classes.

2. We are heavily investing in online classes, including new technology, upgrading broadband, teacher training, etc.

3. Our staff closely monitor all online classes to ensure they run smoothly, from logins and attendance to the quality of delivery and instant enquiries, etc. 


Meanwhile, we have established several rules for all online participants to follow:

1. The online class ID/Login cannot be shared with anyone else.

2. Students and parents should check their own devices and connections before the online class begins, and the household should give priority to the connection for the duration of the online class.

3. A quiet room is always recommended for online classes. Students should behave appropriately during the online class and follow the teacher’s instructions. Students need to stay quiet during the online class until the teacher asks them to talk so that everyone can hear each other clearly.

4. Parents should not get involved in any teaching activity during the online class and reduce other internet usage.

5. An online student’s homework and assignments should be submitted to their EduExperts centre 3 days prior to the next class. It will then be forwarded to their teacher to mark, then passed back to the centre manager to return to the student. 

6. For any urgent enquiry, parents may contact centre staff via any communication channel, such as WeChat, text messaging, etc.


We are open to any feedback from teachers, students, and parents to improve the quality of our online classes. Your understanding and cooperation during this time is much appreciated.


EduExperts wishes you and your whole family all the very best!


Thank you!

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