Course Spotlight: Computer Science

In an increasingly automated workforce and society, students need to develop their computer science, coding, and software engineering skills from an early age.


Our proprietary computer science courses offer students the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding in a wide variety of topics, including creative fields such as animation, 3D modelling, and video editing.


In our animation courses, students will learn the basics of 2D animation, and will create a web-based animation for their final project. In combination with our 3D modelling courses, students will be well-equipped to create their own media and other materials.


Our video editing course is also a valuable opportunity for students wanting to get an introduction into production, editing, and effects. This module is integrated with the 3D modelling course, so students can bring their creations to life.


Furthermore, in our Graphic Design course, students will learn the ropes on some of the most popular photo editing software. They will be guided through the process of creating a poster, applying filters and effects, and transforming images.


This full suite of creative computer science courses will give students the basic skills they need to be an asset to any office team, and will allow them to pursue their passions at the same time.   


This year, EduExperts is also teaming up with well-known robotics brand BestCoder to launch a host of awesome courses, covering topics including robotics, programming languages, and web development.


In the robotics classroom, for example, students will learn how to design and make robots to solve problems and accomplish tasks. The class will be grounded in concepts drawn from computer science and engineering, giving students transferable (and highly sought-after) skills, as well as an innate understanding of modern technology.


Students will also be given the opportunity to put their Minecraft skills to good use in our Minecraft Education course! Using the inbuilt block coding system, they will be taught how to make simple computer systems such as logic gates and calculators.


Our BestCoder curriculum content is designed for students of all ages, and is organised as follows:


Beginner (5-8):

·      Junior computer programming

·      Arduino

·      Introduction to Robotics


Intermediate (8-10):

·      Introduction to programming (Python)

·      Web Development I (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

·      Intermediate Robotics (powered by MakeX)

·      Minecraft Education


Advanced (10+):

·      Programming (Python)

·      Web Development II (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

·      Advanced Robotics (powered by MakeX)

·      International Olympiad in Informatics


Older students will have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 MakeX and VEX robotics competitions, building and adapting their own robot systems in the process. Those who demonstrate a strong passion for the field will also be supported to apply to compete in the International Olympiad in Informatics, the foremost high school programming competition in the world. This elite competition introduces students to C++ programming, algorithm development, and higher-level computer science concepts, and provides an unrivalled opportunity to students wanting to develop their skills in the field.


Get in touch with your local centre to sign up for these fantastic courses today!

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